What is the Kia Soul Maintenance Schedule?

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When you follow the Kia maintenance schedule laid out for this one-of-a-kind compact SUV, you won’t have any trouble getting the most out of your Kia Soul. The experts in our service center and our parts department have experience with all sorts of Kia vehicles. The advanced diagnostic tools we utilize allow us to complete the work you require quickly!

Follow this guide to learn what should be done at each Kia Soul service interval. Drivers near Ann Arbor, Belleville, and Canton, MI, can contact us at LaFontaine Kia, if they have questions about Kia service or want to schedule an appointment.

You may select a Kia Soul with either a turbo or a non-turbo engine. The maintenance schedules differ slightly, so scroll to the appropriate section to see which schedule applies to each engine type.



Every 8,000 Miles

oil changeMost drivers will hit the 8,000-mile marker during their first year in a new Kia vehicle. The following components and more will be inspected the first time your Kia hits this milestone as well as every time it passes 8,000 miles thereafter:

  • Cooling system
  • Suspension system
  • Climate control air filter
  • Car battery
  • Braking system—lines, hoses, fluid levels, etc.

For most modern daily drivers, including the Kia Soul, 8,000 miles is a fair oil change interval. When you bring your Kia in for its first service inspection, we’ll also replace the oil filter. This appointment will also include a tire rotation.

Every 16,000 Miles

After you drive another 8,000 miles, you’ll need to change the engine’s oil again. You will also need to have each of the above components inspected. Except this time, you’ll want to have the air conditioner filter replaced entirely.

You should also inspect specific parts, including:

  • Fuel tank air filter
  • Fuel lines and hoses
  • Vapor hose and fuel filler cap

As with the previous interval, the tires should be rotated after driving 16,000 miles.

Every 48,000 Miles

Brake ServiceAt the 48,000-mile marker, you’ll find a different assortment of maintenance needs. Here, you’ll want to replace the following on your Kia Soul:

  • Air conditioner filter
  • Air cleaner element
  • Brake/clutch fluid

You’ll also want to have the vapor hose and the fuel filler cap inspected again as well as have the drive belts looked at for the first time. This is in addition to the other services outlined at the original 8,000-mile interval.

Every 64,000 Miles

After 64,000 miles in your Kia Soul, the maintenance will look very similar to the 16,000-mile interval. You’ll have the tires rotated, receive new engine oil, and have the air conditioner filter replaced. We’ll also make sure to look at the fuel tank air filter, the fuel lines, and the vapor hose.

Every 96,000 Miles

At 96,000 miles, it’s time for yet another comprehensive inspection. If your Kia has been receiving regular maintenance and oil changes every 8,000 miles, then you’ll be well-practiced at this point! Here, you’ll have all of the checks performed that you normally would at 48,000 miles. However, you’ll also want to make sure to replace the spark plugs.


Every 6,000 Miles

The 8,000-mile interval services we noted above will come a little sooner in a Kia Soul turbo engine. Instead, you’ll want to have that maintenance done every 6,000 miles. In addition to an oil change, a tire rotation, and a multi-system inspection, the engine might need new fuel additive.

Every 24,000 Miles

Air Filter ReplacementAt 24,000 miles with a Kia Soul turbo engine, you’ll want to replace the following:

  • Air conditioner filter
  • Air cleaner element

You’ll also have the following components inspected:

  • Vapor hose and fuel filler cap
  • Fuel tank air filter

This is in addition to the usual inspections of the brake fluid, the cooling system, the exhaust system, the parking brake, and much more. Plus, the engine will get new oil and the tires will once again be rotated.

Between this interval and the next one we mention (at 37,500 miles), you’ll want to have the dual clutch transmission fluid inspected.

Every 42,000 Miles

Once you’ve driven 42,000 miles, you’ll now need to replace the spark plugs. In terms of inspections, you won’t need to have the air conditioner air filter, the vapor hose, or the fuel tank filter looked at as before. You will, however, get the air cleaner elemented inspected along with all of the other previous systems from the first interval.

Every 60,000 Miles

After driving your Kia Soul around for 60,000 miles, you’ll have two new inspections for the following:

  • Drive belts
  • Valve clearance

Other inspections include those for the following:

  • Air cleaner filter
  • Vapor hose and fuel filler cap
  • Fuel tank air filter

It’s also important to have the air conditioner filter replaced again. Plus, the engine will get new fuel additives and new oil.

LaFontaine Kia Has You Covered for Your Kia Soul Maintenance

Kia vehicles become more and more reliable every year, especially when you keep up with their routine maintenance. In order to ensure that your Kia model continues working as intended, schedule service at LaFontaine Kia—your local Kia Service center.

If you’re considering a new Kia Soul and doing research before you buy, know that you can take any model on our lot for a quick test drive today! You can even trick out your Kia with our great Kia Soul accessories.

You’ll love how the Kia Soul handles the roads of Ann Arbor, Belleville, and Canton, Michigan.


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