Oil Change near Me

Oil Change near Me

If you’re an Ann Arbor, Belleville, and Canton, MI, driver searching for an “oil change near me”, you’re in luck. The team at LaFontaine Kia is here to help with all your Kia maintenance needs and keep your ride on the road for years to come.

Learn more about oil change services at our service center, then schedule an appointment to meet with our team!

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Oil Change near Canton MI

Engine Oil Change

Do I Need an Oil Change?

While it’s common knowledge that oil changes are important for your Kia vehicle’s performance, often the specifics are less common knowledge. Many drivers are left wondering “why do I need an oil change?” and “how do I know when it’s time?”

Essentially, oil changes are important because the oil keeps the engine running smoothly. It prevents overheating and keeps all the moving parts lubricated. Over time, however, debris will build up and the oil will get burnt, causing it to become thick and hinder engine performance.

If left unchecked, old oil can cause your engine to burn more fuel and can even cause internal damage to your engine. So, getting your oil changed approximately every six months is the ideal way to prolong your Kia vehicle’s lifespan and keeping it running in top condition.

Oil Change near Me

Meet Our Technicians

Oil changes are simple for our experts to tackle, so a quick visit to our service center is all you’ll need to get back on the road.

Overall, an oil change will take around 30 minutes to an hour to complete. First, our technician will drain the old oil from your engine and replace the dirty filter with a new one. Then, they’ll refill the system with fresh oil and send you on your way.

However, your oil change visit is also a great time to complete a quick inspection, just to ensure everything else is running properly. And with the fresh oil working for your engine, you’ll leave this appointment feeling completely confident in your ride’s performance abilities.

Visit Our Service Center

Our service center near Ann Arbor, Belleville, and Canton, Michigan, is here to help with your oil change and any other service need. If you have more questions about oil changes and auto maintenance, you can always reach out to our team. One of our experts will be happy to be your guide and answer all your questions.

When it’s time for an oil change, make an appointment with LaFontaine Kia!

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