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Kia Wheel Alignment in Ann Arbor, MI

Wheel alignment involves adjusting the suspension of your Volkswagen. The suspension is the system connecting the car to the wheels. However, most people think that wheel adjustment involves adjusting the wheels or tires, which is not right.



Types of Alignment Services


Checks and Inspections Icon

Checks and Inspections

Wheel alignment checks involve determining whether your wheel has any issues that require it to be dealt with. It would be best if you regularly come so that we can have the wheel alignment checks.

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Two-Wheel Alignment

The two-wheel alignment is also called front end alignment. This is because this car alignment service involves servicing the front wheels of the car. It involves the toe, camber, and caster adjustment.

Four-Wheel Alignment Icon

Four-Wheel Alignment

Unlike the two-wheel alignment, the four-wheel alignment involves performing alignment services to all the four wheels of your car. However, we recommend car owners who have all-wheel-drive model cars to have the four-wheel alignment. This is because these cars have independent suspensions. The four-wheel alignment involves a front-toe adjustment, a caster adjustment, and a camber and toe adjustment for the rear wheels.

Benefits of Driving On Aligned Wheels

Did you know that the wheels of your car are among the essential parts of your car that you should never joke with? I thought that you should know. However, there are so many car owners who are never concerned about the well being of their wheels. This is why you will find them parked alongside the roads since they are experiencing wheel issues. Therefore, aligning your wheels is an important thing that you should always do as a car owner.

Always take your time and bring your car for a wheel alignment at LaFontaine Kia Ann Arbor for a wheel alignment service. Some of the benefits of wheel alignment services include;

  • It makes tires last longer.
  • It increases fuel or gas mileage.
  • It enhances steering
  • It reduces the number of repairs.
  • It makes your drive to be smooth.


Why is LaFontaine Kia the best in Wheel Alignment in Ann Arbor?

If you want to get the best wheel alignment services, you have to ensure that you select the best deals. What makes us the best dealership in Ann Arbor, MI, and the surrounding areas like Dexter, Ypsilanti, and Saline, MI, is that we have the best team that helps us execute the Kia wheel alignment in Ann Arbor. Our services are certified, which makes our customers have trust in us. In case there is anything that requires replacement in your car, we have OEM parts for our customers. We help our customers to select the OEM parts that fit in their car all the time. Also, the quality of our OEM parts is excellent, making them last longer.

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